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Pre- & Postnuptial Agreements

While some people view “Prenups” in a negative light, the truth is that they are simply contracts that allow two people (who just happen to be deeply in love and have each other’s best interests at heart) to spell out how they would want matters to be handled in the event that their marriage doesn’t last for the long run.

Prenuptial agreements don’t “cause a marriage to fail” or indicate a “lack of trust” in your partner. On the contrary, prenuptial agreements establish a set of clear rules to be followed in the unlikely event that, at some point down the road, the couple no longer has each other’s best interests at heart.

Prenuptial agreements can be incredibly useful to prevent long (and expensive!) legal battles over how matters should be handled during a divorce. So while you may hope that you never need a Prenup, you’ll be very happy to have one if things don’t turn out the way you planned.

Prenuptial agreements can address a wide range of issues, including the identification of the separate property and marital property, provisions for spousal support, and even provisions for marital counseling or child-related issues.

Postnuptial agreements do all the same things as Prenuptial Agreements; the only difference is that Prenups are signed before the marriage, and Postnups are entered into after the marriage.

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