Pennsylvania Real Estate Attorneys

Everyone – no matter if you are an individual, a small company, a school, a nonprofit, or a large company – is affected by real estate in some way. Want a place to live? Rent it or buy it. Running a business? Rent an office, build a factory, buy a building. Working from home or running a “virtual” business? There are lots of regulations out there affecting that use of real estate. A key thing to remember about real estate is that the life of the transaction is usually measured in years – so if mistakes are made, those mistakes can haunt the parties long after a deal is “done.”

We have represented businesses, real estate investors, banks, private lenders, individuals and developers seeking to buy, sell, lease, or otherwise use real estate in any fashion. One thing we have learned over the years is that real estate matters (like all business deals) are SO much better when things are planned appropriately, documented correctly and all parties know what they are getting into – and, just as important, how they might get out, if the need arises.

Real Estate is a complicated subject with lots of potential things that can go wrong – even if you’ve dealt with it many times before. We can help you make sure that everything gets done, and gets done right.

Peak Legal Group Lawyers Live and Breathe All Aspects of Real Estate, Including:

  • Residential real estate purchases and sales – we’ll even tell you when you don’t need us!!

  • Commercial real estate purchases and sales (including asset/stock purchase transactions)

  • Property Tax/Assessment Appeals – If you think your property taxes are too high, contact us for a free evaluation to determine whether a tax appeal can lower your tax bill.

  • Partnerships, joint ventures, LLCs, limited partnerships, and other “let’s get together and make lots of money” agreements

  • Asset protection: single-purpose entities and other asset protection vehicles

  • Real estate investment strategies – including the unique needs of those who rehab, wholesale, buy-and-hold, are landlords, and/or short-sale properties (“flipper” is not a dirty word to us)

  • Private financing (lenders and borrowers) & ”Hard Money” lending transactions

  • Commercial leasing: retail, commercial, industrial, office. (If you are a commercial tenant, do not get caught in the trap of signing a “standard” lease—it DOES NOT EXIST!)

  • Seller financing/Take-back financing

  • Land conservation and resource protection

  • Complex residential and commercial transactions

  • Conservation easements/land use matters

  • Estate planning & estate administration involving real estate, including quiet title actions

  • Real estate documents of every type: options and deeds and mortgages and notes and liens and easements and title insurance (and lions and tigers and bears—oh my!)